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Digital Company
Digital Company
Digital controller
Digital recorders
Thermocouple, RTD
Electrical resistance
Pressure transducers
Transducers and sensors
Signal converter
Frequency converter
Static contactors
Solid state relays
Software SCADA
Electrical motors
Pressure gauge
Energy measurement
Pneumatic equipments
Electrical equipments
Power supply UPS
Load cells, scales

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Location: Pascani, Romania
Tel/Fax: +40 232 760951
Mobil:    +40 0744592172

SC Digital Company S.R.L is founded in the year 2003 and is situated in Roumania, city Pascani, county Iasi, street Al.1decembrie 1918 , no.17 , bl.14A , ap.27.
Our company is an authorized distributor for many international companies, among which we mention: TOHO ELECTRONICS INC.,DATEXEL S.R.L., SIELCO SISTEMI S.R.L., SUKU Druck- und Temperaturmesstechnik GmbH, PALMER WAHL Instrumentation Group, by trading a wide range of equipment for industrial automation, with rich experience in the market in Roumania.

Our company, implemented for services and products a quality management system in accordance with SR EN ISO 9001:2008, attestation system starting with 20.12.2010, by certificate no.381-C issued by the organism specialized GCSM.
Can we design and execute following:
-monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity and pressure, air quality in
  industrial processes, storage or home
-monitoring and control applications with SCADA software
-modernization and design industrial automation panels
-electrical furnaces, heating systems

Can we deliver following types of equipment:
-digital indicators, controller, recorders for temperature and process
-transducers of temperature: thermocouple and RTD
-transducers of humidity
-transducers of relative pressure and differential pressure
-solid state relays 1-3 phase
-power regulators (static contactors) 1-3 phase
-tranmitters for thermocouple and RTD, output curret and voltage
-modules for control, interfaces, data acquisition
-power supply
-electrical resistance
-load cells, scales
-pressure gauge, pressure calibrators
-thermometers, pyrometers
-multifunctional calibrators for temperature, pressure, process
-digital test pump
-SCADA software, WinlogPro and HMI
-electrical motors, gears and motor-gear, fans
-frequency converter
-energy measurement, power meters, Rogowski transducers and integrators
-data-loggers for voltage and current

For each of our products request information which we will respond promptly!
Thank you for your cooperation!
certificateSR EN ISO
Nr. C/381



Industrial automation
Monitoring processes
Modernization, design
Control equipment
Heating equipment
Power equipment
Measuring equipment
Transducers, sensors
SCADA software